My daughters combined birthday celebration


Daughters are always very special and having 2 little angels…..I couldn’t ask God for anything more… The best thing about their birthdays is that they fall 3days apart…My elder one’s birthday is on the 23rd September and my younger one’s on the 26th September…so the whole month of September is like a festive season for us…planning out their celebrations,  shoppings and the list goes on….
My elder daughter kendhriah turned 5 this year…can’t imagine how fast the days are flying…just looked like she was born…the most memorable day of my life…the day I became.a Mother…and there she is carrying her cute little bag to school….pheww…!!!!!!
Then here come my other naughty brat who turned 1…the birthday day celebration became a grand event with all my relatives, friends and most importantly my daughter’s school friends…
I had dreamt a lot about their birthday cake bcoz we were celebrating their birthdays together…I wanted both their cakes to be very different from the other.. My elder one wanted a chocolate smurfs cake as she is fond of the character and most important the blue being her favourite colour.
I made a moist chocolate cake with smurfs as the topper and the other cake was a simple vanilla sponge cake



Here are some precious moments…


2 thoughts on “My daughters combined birthday celebration

    1. Thank u soo much….I’m glad u liked the smurfs & barbie cake…. So sweet of u to stop by my blog, read and comment on my post as well….since I’m new to blogging ur comment made my day…thank a ton..

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